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The Atomic Push-Up is a Compound, Calisthenics training exercise.

It will help you to develop your pushing muscles, work your core and create a powerful metabolic response at the same time.

This article will cover how to perform the Atomic Push-Up with video, image and a written step by step description explaining how you carry out the movement.

Its difficulty level, the equipment that you will need, and the different muscle groups that get worked when you do it.

The different benefits you get when it gets added to your training routine, and some training tips to make sure you get the most out of doing this exercise.

Atomic Push-Up How to Guide

Image Example

man showing how to perform the Atomic Push-Up

Step by Step Description

Step 1: Put each foot into the foot cradles directly under the anchor point securely while facing the floor. Point your toes out applying pressure downwards with the top of your feet. Put the palms of your hands on the floor shoulder width apart. Place your palms directly under your shoulders with the fingers pointing forwards and lie flat on your stomach. Engage your core and abdominal muscles, glutes (butt) and legs while you perform this exercise. By squeezing your lower body and core, you will help maintain your hips stability.

You are now in the starting position.

Step 2: Exhale as you press your body up by extending your elbows until your arms are straight (high plank position). Your body needs to form a straight line from the top of your neck to the heels. Do not allow your lower back to dip or your hips to hike forwards.

Step 3: Pull your legs in towards your chest. Keep your knees straight, and your toes pointed. As you pull your knees inwards your hips will rise, keep pulling until your hips are directly over the shoulders. Make sure to keep a flat spine.

Step 4: Push your knees back out returning to the high plank position. Inhale and slowly lower your body by bending at your elbows. Keep your elbows tucked into your body. Keep lowering your body until your chest grazes the floor.

Difficulty Level

This exercise gets rated at an intermediate difficulty level. You need to have a high level of physical conditioning to perform this exercise correctly.

To increase the difficulty position your feet further away from the anchor point of the Trx system.

Equipment Required

To perform this exercise, you will need Trx suspension cables (or any Suspension Cables).

Muscles Worked

The muscle groups that get used by this lift are your Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, and the Core.

Benefits of the Atomic Push-Up

Using multiple muscle groups in unison better mimics how we use our muscles in everyday activities.

Your entire body works to stabilize your body. This recruits many more muscle fibers than performing a push-up by itself.

Helps you to build a better connection with your hips, shoulders and activates your hip flexors (an area that gets commonly neglected by many lifters).

Not only will you burn a high number of calories when you perform it but it also creates a high metabolic response causing your body to burn more calories for 24 to 48 hours after you have completed it.

Training Tips

Your back needs to stay flat throughout the entire movement.

Use a slow and controlled movement. When you are first learning this exercise, you should place a mat on the ground where you are performing it. The mat will help soften any falls that may happen as you are learning the correct form and gaining your balance.

Make sure that you tuck your knees all the way to work your core fully. One of the most common errors made with this lift is performing only partial knee tucks.

In closing

The atomic push-up is an advanced exercise and should get used by people at a high fitness level.

Before adding it to your training routine, you should have spent some time building your body's strength with basic heavy compound lifts.

If you have been using compound lifts for some time and wanted to challenge your body as a whole, this is a great exercise to begin using.

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