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If you are looking to add muscle mass, you will need to ensure that you have a surplus of calories. You can use our calorie calculator for weight gain. Our calorie calculator has options you can set to determine the approximate number of calories you need to gain weight. Your calculated calories will be an approximation of the number of calories you require to add weight to build muscle mass. If you find you are still not adding weight add 150 calories each week until you see your weight increasing.

By creating a calorie surplus and sticking to it every day paired with an exercise routine you can add a significant amount of muscle to your body over time. Use our calorie counter software to track and make sure that you are eating the proper amount of calories you require daily.

Our calorie counter tracking software will break out the calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fats that you are consuming each day. When you are attempting to build muscle, it is best to have your protein intake between one to two grams of protein for every pound of body weight. If you are not getting enough protein, you will limit the amount of muscle mass that you can add to your body.

Adding weight will require you eat more than you are probably used to. By using high-calorie foods like nuts you should find it easier to meet your calorie surplus requirements. While shakes for weight gain can help you meet your calorie needs more quickly, many of them are filled mostly with sugars. If you do choose to use a weight gainer shake to help you meet your calorie count, look for one with the lowest amount of sugar as possible. Since many weight gainer shakes, use high amounts of sugar you may find that you are mostly gaining fat while you use them.

Many of the weight gainers with all natural ingredients will not have as many calories per serving, but the calories will be from whole food sources and much better for you. Weight gainers with natural ingredients will help your body to utilize the calories for energy during your exercise routine instead of becoming additional fat. They usually don't taste as good but are worth it for how much better they are for your diet.

You can also use tricks like adding a shot of coconut oil into your protein smoothies or protein shakes. Many oils contain a high-calorie count, and by adding a shot of the oil into your drink, you can quickly add a few extra hundred calories.

For you to meet your calorie requirements you should spread you eating out through four to seven meals a day. If you still find that you are not able to eat enough calories for weight gain throughout the day, try to supplement with high-calorie smoothies. There are many different recipes online that can provide you with the complete list of foods required and steps to make the drink.

You can also try the GOMAD (Gallon Of Milk A Day) protocol if you are not lactose intolerant although their is pills that will allow you to drink milk with this condition. But if you are not lactose intolerant and decide to use GOMAD you should be using 3 percent milk. 3 percent milk has more calories than other types and will help you to meet your high nutritional goals easier.

Many people find that when they are too full for any more food they can still drink liquids quite easily. Well, the protocol calls for a gallon of milk a day you could also attempt doing this with half or even a quarter of gallon milk a day. As long as your daily calorie intake is at a higher amount you should begin to add additional weight to your body every week.

Every time you add two to five pounds, you will need to increase your daily calories to continue adding weight. To gain mostly muscle, you should not be gaining more than one to two pounds every week (seven days). Any additional weight you add in that time will be fat since our bodies are only able to build muscle so fast.

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