Bench Hop Overs Introduction

The Bench Hop is a great beginner level plyometric exercise.

If you have never performed plyometrics, this is an excellent exercise for you to start with first. Try it and see how plyometrics can help to improve your overall fitness.

Bench Hops help you to develop explosive leg power. They also help contribute to conditioning your core muscle while improving your agility and coordination.

Many athletes perform plyometrics to help increase their athletic ability.

If you play any sports that involve running or jumping, you should add in some plyometric training.

Equipment Required

To perform this exercise, you should have a weight bench.

a weighted gym bench

But you can also do it at home by using a chair.

Bench Hop Overs with a chair

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Bench Hops How To

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Bench Hops How To

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Written Description

  • Move beside a weight bench and grasp it at its sides(your thumbs should be on the top with your fingers wrapped around the sides) where you would place your head if you were laying on it.
  • Both of your feet should be put on one side together. Keep your back straight, parallel to the floor and your knees bent.
  • You are now in the starting position for this exercise.
  • Jump by pushing off the ground(continue holding the bench) with both feet at the same time. Your goal is to jump over the bench landing on the other side in approximately the same spot and position you started in.
  • Quickly jump a second time returning to where you originally started.
  • You have completed one set of this exercise. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions or time frame selected.

Video Demonstration

  • Primary Muscles Used

  • Quadriceps
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Stabilizing Muscles

  • Chest
  • Lower BackMuscle
  • Deltoids

In Closing

Bench Hop Overs are a simple exercise to learn and a useful way to begin using plyometrics.

They will help to prepare you for more challenging/explosive plyometrics.

Bench Hops work well in an H.I.I.T or CrossFit training routine. Or they can be used as your warm up or cool down exercise in a strength/power training program.

When utilized in a CrossFit routine, bench hops get applied in a High-Intensity Interval Training portion.

We offer a Free Online H.I.I.T. Timer you can use. There is no registration required for you to use it. And it is compatible with both desktops and mobile browsers.

If you are going to use bench hops as a warm up, it is better to set the desired number of repetitions and sets. Something like 15 x 3 works as a good way to get your blood pumping.

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