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Take You Pull-ups To THe Next Level Recon Ron Pull-up Program

The Recon Ron Pullup program is used by the military all the time. The program is to be performed every week with only Sunday for rest. The program runs for 38 weeks.

Well the Recon Ron Pullup Program is not as big as Armstrong Pullup Program many people I know have experienced very significant and very dramatic gains and improvements on the Recon Ron program.

the Recon Ron Pullup Program is also a long-term program, unlike the Armstrong Pullup Program is used for short term use.

If you find that you are not able to progress to the next week’s prescribed amount of pull-ups, then repeat the routine of the week you just completed and then try moving to the next week again.

Before somebody can use the Recon Ron Pullup Program, they need to be able to do six dead hang pullups.

Week One example

Each week has you doing five sets for the number of repetitions shown in the graph. So for the first week, you will begin with a set of six. Take 1-minute rest, then complete the next two sets of five with a minute of rest between each. Followed by a set 4 and then 3 for a total of 23 pull-ups each day during the first week.

Recon Ron Pullup Program Weekly Breakdown

chart of the first 19 weeks of the Recon Ron Pull-up program

chart of the weeks 19 to 38 of the Recon Ron Pull-up program

  • Rules For The Recon Ron Pullup Program

  • You have as much time as you need
  • shirts are removed to ensure the lockout of the elbows with each repetition
  • At no point is your chin allowed to rest on the bar.
  • Assistance to get into the pull-up position is allowed such as a stepping stool or lifted to the bar, but can not be used to help achieve the first pull-up () you must start from a dead hang.
  • Grasp the bar with your palms facing forward or to the rear.
  • Have your arms fully extended and feet free from touching the ground or any assisting mount with the body motionless, you are now in the starting position.
  • Your legs can be straight or bent but are not allowed to be above the waist.
  • Whipping, kicking, kipping, or any leg movement seen to assist with vertical progression is not allowed and if observed that pull-up will result in no count for that pull-up.
  • A repetition requires raising your body until your chin is above the bar, then lowering until your arms are fully extended, and the body is once again at a dead hang.

The purpose of the marine pull-up event is to determine the number of complete pull-ups the Marine can perform. By using the Recon Ron Pullup Program, you should have no problem completing 20 or more pull-ups.

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