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The Lateral Plank Walk is a full body exercise that mainly targets your core and shoulders.

It is a calisthenics and pilates exercise. We will cover the two different variations that are commonly used.

The first version is for people looking for a beginner difficulty. The second is a more advanced variation.

If you are just beginning your fitness journey, you should start with the first variation outlined in this article. When you can do it for at least 30 seconds, you can move to the second variation.

You should only move on to the second version when you have perfected your technique with the first, and you want something a bit more challenging.

Both versions will have you in the top of push-up position with your palms planted on the ground.

We are going to cover several different areas of this exercise.

This article will provide a how-to section with video, image and a written step by step description on how to do the Lateral Plank Walk.

We will then cover Its difficulty level, equipment required and the different muscles that it works.

The benefits of including it into your training routine. Plus some training tips you can use to help you when you are performing the exercise.

This article will also include a couple similar exercises that you can use in its place.

The starting position for both variations is the same. Refer below for instruction on getting into the top of push-up plank position.

  • Top Of Push-Up Position

  • Step 1: Begin by laying your body on the ground. You will be facing the floor with your back pointing towards the ceiling.

  • Step 2: Put your palms flat on the floor. Your palms should be directly under your shoulders for maximal stability.

  • Step 3: Raise your body by extending at the elbows until you arms are nearing lockout (fully extended).

Your body should form a straight line from the heels of your feet to your head. You need to maintain this straight line as you perform the exercise.

You are now in the starting position to perform these exercises.

Lateral Plank Walk Version 1 How to Guide

Video Demonstration

Image Example

example how to perform the plank walk
  • Step by Step Description

  • Step 1: Move to the top of the push-up position with your arms directly under the shoulders. Engage/flex your core muscles.

  • Step 2: lift and move your left arm out to your left by one-half to one foot. Step your left foot out by one-half to one foot.

  • Step 3: Move your right hand and bring it in towards your body. Now take your left foot and move it in towards your body. At this point, your palms should again be in line with the shoulders.

Lateral Plank Walk Version 2 How to Guide

Image Example

example how to perform the plank walk
  1. Step by Step Description

  2. Step 1: Move to the top of push-up plank position as outlined above. Engage your abs by pulling them up towards the spine.

  3. Step 2: Begin by crossing your right hand over your left as you are doing this also step your left foot out to the left.

  4. Step 3: Now move back to the plank position by stepping your right foot to the left while moving the left hand out to the left. Your left and right hands should be directly under the shoulders again at this point.

  5. Step 4: Repeat this movement and take two more steps and then reverse direction taking three steps to the right.


Your arm and leg should move at the same time.

Difficulty Level

Version One is an early intermediate exercise. The second version is a more advanced intermediate training method.

You can increase the difficulty of either version by using weighted clothing or by using ankle and wrist weights.

Equipment Required

The only thing you need for performing the Lateral walking plank is your body.

Weighted clothing is perfect for increasing the difficulty. Alternatively, you can place weighted cuffs around your legs and arms.

Muscles Worked

The lateral plank walk is a full body exercise. The main muscle groups that it works are your Deltoids, Biceps, Triceps, Obliques, Abdominals, Latissimus Dorsi.

The chest muscles worked are the Pectorals Major.

The different muscles worked in your Legs: Gluteus Maximus, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calves.

Lateral Plank Walk Benefits

Helps to strengthen your core muscles. A strong core reduces your chances of injury in your daily tasks.

It is shown to help with your balance, coordination and increase your strength.

You will condition your core like the traditional plank. These variations target your shoulders to a greater extent.

Training Tips

Make shure that your hips are facing the ground and your body is a solid unit when you are moving from side to side.

Do not let your hips rise or sink. They should stay in line with your body throughout the movement.

  • Similar Exercises

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  • The Bear Crawl
  • Plank Ups

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