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Before you add this lift to your training you should be able to do the traditional plank and side plank for a minimum of 30 seconds and have solid form with the Bent over Row.

In this article, we will cover how you perform the Rolling Side Plank exercise.

We will include video, image and a written step by step description on how to perform the exercise.

Its difficulty level, the equipment you need to do it. The different muscle groups that get worked when you use this exercise.

The benefits you get when adding it to your training routine. Also, some different training cues to use when you are performing it.

Rolling Side Plank How to Guide

Image Example

Man showing how to perform the Rolling Side Plank Exercise

Step by Step Description

Step 1: Lie down on the floor resting on your right side with your legs fully extended and feet stacked on top of one another. Put your right forearm and elbow on the ground. Your elbow should get placed directly under your shoulder to provide maximum stability.

Step 2: Prop your body up using your right elbow and forearm raising your hips up off of the floor. Have your body form a straight line from your shoulders to ankles.

Step 3: Now, roll your body inward, so you are facing the floor moving to the Front Plank position. As you roll inward, place your left arms elbow and forearm on to the floor to support your body's weight. Your body needs to stay straight when you perform this transition Hold this position for one to three seconds.

Step 4: Now roll your body further so that only your left elbow is still touching the floor performing a side plank on the opposite side. Hold for one to three seconds and return to the Traditional Plank position.

You have now completed one repetition. Repeat for the desired number of reps or time you have selected.

Difficulty Level

This exercise gets rated at an Intermediate difficulty level.

You should be able to perform the traditional plank and side Plank for at least 30 seconds before adding this exercise to your training routine.

Equipment Required

Since this is a Calisthenics (bodyweight) training method, you only need your body and an area large enough for you to lie down.

You can make the exercise more challenging by using weighted clothing to add more resistance.

Muscles Worked

The Primary muscles that get worked when you perform this exercise are your Abdominals and the Obliques(muscles that run along the side of your core).

The Secondary muscles worked are your Shoulders, Lower Back and the Glutes(butt).

Rolling Side Plank Benefits

Building a strong core has been shown to reduce back pain.

This lift not only helps you to strengthen your core but also improves your balance, stability, and posture.

Since no equipment is needed to perform this exercise, it is useful on days you cannot make it to the gym. It is also useful for people who work out at home and have access to a limited amount equipment.

This rotating used will also cause your body to increase its neuro muscular (affecting both nerves and muscles) control to maintain balance through the twisting transitions.

Training Tips

When you are moving from the Plank to Side Plank, your body needs to stay in a straight line.

If you find that your elbows are getting strained, try placing them on an exercise mat.

Keep your Core and Glutes tight the entire time you are performing this exercise and remember to keep a consistent breathing pattern.

The distance your feet are apart from one another is another way to alter how difficult it is to perform this exercise. The closer your feet are to one another the more tension will get put on your core.

Do Not let your hips sag at any point in this movement or allow your lower back to round.

In closing

Before you add the Rolling Side Plank to your training routine, you should have spent some time developing your body with the Traditional Plank and Side Planks.

If you have never done this lift before you definitely should add it to your routine for at least a couple months to see for yourself all the benefits it has to offer.

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