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This article will cover how you perform the Reverse Preacher Curl exercise.

This article will include video, image and a written step by step description on how to do this exercise.

Its difficulty level, the equipment you need to do it. The different muscle groups that get worked when you use this exercise.

The benefits you get when adding it to your training routine. Also, some different training cues to use when you are performing it.

Reverse Preacher Curl How to Guide

Image Example

how to perform the Reverse Preacher Curl Exercise

Step by Step Description

Step 1: Grab an EZ-bar using an overhand grip with your hands approximately shoulder width apart.

Step 2: Put the upper part of both your arms onto the top of the preacher bench with your arms extended.

You are now in the starting position.

Step 3: Exhale and curl the bar up until your biceps are in an entirely contracted position with the bar approximately shoulder height. Pause and squeeze your biceps tight for one to two seconds with the bar at the shoulder height position.

Step 4: Breathe in and slowly lower the weight until your upper arms are again fully extended.

Step 5: Congratulations you have now completed one repetition. Repeat for the number of reps you have selected.

Difficulty Level

The reverse Preacher Curl gets rated at an intermediate difficulty level.

Equipment Required

Multiple different pieces of equipment can be used to perform this exercise.

You will need either a

  • 1) Barbell and Weight Plates
  • 2) Dumbbells
  • 3) EZ-Bar

If you want to perform the exercise sitting, you will need a preacher bench. You can also complete the activity while standing if you do not have access to a preacher bench.

Muscles Worked

The Primary muscle used by this lift is your Forearms. Your biceps get used as a secondary muscle in completing this lift.

The Wrist Extensors also get used as stabilizing muscles when you are performing this exercise.

Benefits From the Reverse Preacher Curl

When you find that your forearms are limiting lifts like rowing, Deadlifting, Pull-Ups using some isolation exercises that improve your grip strength like reverse curls can help you to blast through your current plateau.

Since the brachii (muscle under the bicep) gets worked, it can help to increase the perceived size and peak of your biceps.

Training Tips

Complete all compound lifts before you move on to your isolation movements.

You do not need to add this into your training program until you feel that either

  • 1) your arms/forearms are limiting you on other compound lifts.
  • 2) You feel that your forearms are underdeveloped and you want to bring them up to par with the rest of your body.

Remember this is an isolation exercise and will not provide you with the most efficient way to build and strengthen your body.

It is essential to use the full range of motion to get the most out of this lift. Remember only to curl the weight up until it is inline with your shoulders. Bringing the bar any higher will remove the tension in your arms (you are primarily resting if you go past this point) and reduces this lifts effectiveness.

If you are performing this lift while standing, make sure to tuck your elbows into the sides of your body.

In Closing

Remember that all isolation exercises (like this one) should be added at the end of your routine after you have completed all of your compound movements.

If you have never done this exercise before and feel your forearms could use some extra development, you should add this exercise to your routine for at least a few months to see for yourself all the benefits it has to offer.

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